About the Squad


The First Aid Squad headquarters is located at 115 Haddon avenue at the intersection of Laurel Street and Haddon Avenue. The building was formerly known as the Sanders Metal Shop when it was purchased in 1964. The building was renovated to add a meeting room in 1973 and a large two-bay garage was added in 1982. Our headquarters features a small kitchen, a radio and computer center, meeting room, garage and equipment storage.


The Squad operates two ambulances. Unit 4556 is a 2007 Braun Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) and Unit 4557 is a 1998 Braun (ERV). We alternate calls between the two vehicles so that the wear is balanced. Each vehicle is used on almost 300 calls a year. We often need both ambulances if we have multiple calls at the same time or if we have a multi-patient incident. As part of the 16th District and Monmouth County Mutual Aid Agreements we may take one ambulance out of town to help another municipality while maintaining the second to cover the residents of Shrewsbury.