• How many hours a week do members spend on SFAS activities?
      It depends on the individual and when they are available to respond to calls. It ranges from a couple of hours a month to as many hours as you want to participate in a month. A typical emergency call takes about 60 minutes. So the amount of time varies with the number of calls you go on. On average, the squad responds to about ten calls a week. In addition, we have two meetings a month on Tuesday evenings.


    • I don’t like the sight of blood. Can I volunteer for some role other than patient care, like driving the ambulance?
      The vast majority of calls don’t involve encounters with blood but occasionally it happens. All of our active members must be EMTs and we rely on our members to care for patients and, when needed, to drive the ambulance.


    • What’s the minimum age for membership?
      The minimum age for membership is 16.  Those members between 16 and 18 years old are classified as Junior members.  Junior members are fully licensed EMTs and in general perform the same duties as adult members.  However, Junior members are subject to a few operational restrictions for member safety, so that squad activities do not interfere with school responsibilities, and which insure compliance with federal and state child labor laws.


    • How many hours of training are required and where do I get trained?
      Click on the “Join Our Squad” to see the details on training.
    • What if I can only give time in the AM or PM?
      We are flexible and we’ll adapt our schedule to meet yours. If you are available during the day but don’t want to sign up for one of the overnight duty tours, that’s O’K. Most calls occur during the daytime hours (see Statistics) so we’ll welcome whatever time you can give us during the day. Many of our members work out of town during the day and can only serve on evening shifts.



    • What are the ongoing training requirements?
      Once you get your CPR certification it must be renewed every two years and the EMT-B certification must be renewed every three years. The CPR re-certification class is about 3 hours long and the EMT-B requires 48 hours of training during the 3-year period to be re-certified. Re-certification classes are taught locally and are convenient to attend.


    • Will I have a mentor?
      Yes, one of our existing active members will be assigned to you as a mentor to help with any training questions and to insure that you are comfortable with our local emergency procedures and equipment.



    • Are there any out-of-pocket expenses?
      There is a $50 CPR class fee which the Squad will reimburse once you become a member. The Squad pays for all the EMT training.



  • I don’t have any previous medical training, Can I still join?
    Many of our members went through the EMT class without a medical background. You’ll learn what you need to know in the EMT class.