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Join the Shrewsbury EMS!

Shrewsbury EMS responds to over 500 calls annually and to the surrounding towns. The squad meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Membership Applications may be obtained from the Borough Clerk’s office and mailed to 419 Sycamore Avenue, Shrewsbury NJ 07702. To become a member you need to reside in Shrewsbury, work in Shrewsbury, or live with in 2 miles of Shrewsbury.

To become a member, you may complete the membership interest form which will be reviewed by the membership committee.  The committee will interview the candidate. After a completed background check by Police Department is complete, a recommendation will be made to the Squad at following meeting.

Shrewsbury EMS has these membership opportunities:

Responder EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) – This member needs to be a New Jersey EMT and will provide emergency medical care on our ambulances.  If you are not an EMT, free training will be provided to anyone that would like to become an EMT.

** NOTE for Nurses, you only need to complete a 24hr orientation class and pass the EMT exam to become an NJ Certified EMT (ask us how)!

Responder Driver –This member will drive the ambulance, provide support to EMTs, and require a duty night.  Training requirements include an approved CPR Certification, approved First Aid Class or EMR certification (Emergency Medical Responder), and CEVO (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator), and satisfactorily demonstrate driving capability to the Squad Captain.  All required training will be provided for free.

Associate Member – This member will assist in functions of the Shrewsbury First Aid Squad, but will not provide medical care, nor ride on the ambulances.  This member is for those people who would like to volunteer supporting the EMTs, EMRs, and Drivers.  These members are required to have an approved CPR certification, which can be taken at Shrewsbury First Aid Squad for free.

Once accepted, new members have one year to complete a professional-level CPR class (which is offered monthly by Shrewsbury First Aid) and any specific training depending on the role.

EMT and EMR training is offered in several locations locally and in Monmouth County.  CEVO which is required for EMT, EMR, and Driver roles is available through an online course.

All members also participate in various continuing education programs and training drills, most of which are conducted at squad headquarters.  If you would like further information about joining the squad or have additional questions, please complete the membership interest form and someone from the membership committee will reach out you.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you!